Once upon a time, in a small village, there was a young benign man named Khoai. Khoai was an employee of an old rich man, who giving Khoai the job as plowing and framing the land. One day, the rich man told Khoai that if he worked hard in the next three years, Khoai would be able to get married with his daughter. In return, the young man will get no paid during the period. Khoai agreed because of the promising future, so he tried his best for the rich man. As a result, the rich man get rich as fast as him never did before.

Three years later, the old man did not keep his words; he was going to celebrate a wedding in which his daughter would be married with another rich guy. Khoai met the rich man, and reminded for the promise. For omitting Khoai, the rich man asked him to do a task, which was going to the jungle and looking for an a-hundred-segment bamboo. If Khoai could not find out the tree before the following day, he won’t be able to marry with the girl neither even return home.

Khoai went to the jungle for his mission in an exciting feeling. He started to count most of the high bamboo in order to accomplish the mission. Unfortunately, even the bamboo which seems to be the highest one, which was still less far away from a hundred segments. The sunset coming, the hopefulness man found the most upset mood when there is no more higher bamboo in the jungle. He began to cry.

Suddenly, an old fairy appeared in the middle of nowhere, and asked why Khoai cried. Khoai honestly told the old man what the tricky was, in the most depressed tone. The fairy saw the unfair sad story, he pointed out a solution for Khoai. He told Khoai to collect a hundred bamboo segments, and put them into a line, then consecutively mumble a spell “Join up, join up”. Khoai followed the instruction, and eventually when he spell “Join up, join up”, a hundred bamboo segments joined together without any connection mark. However, the tree was too long for him to carry home, and he asked the fairy for a solution. The fairy told Khoai another spell “Split out, split out”, and Khoai checked it out, it worked. The fairy disappeared just like how he came, sooner as Khoai say thanks. He collected the segments and returned home with the two bamboo bunches.

When the wedding about to start, Khoai came home and kept calm. As soon as the rich man saw Khoai, he laughed at him: “I asked you to find an a-hundred-segment bamboo, let see what we have, a hundred bamboo segments huh?” Ignoring the old man, Khoai kept putting the segments into a line. Afterwards, “Join up, join up” spell impacted on the segments immediately, and the task as seemed to be impossible, was obviously stood in front of the rich man. He did not believe in his eyes, then he came closely to the tree, and “Join up, join up”, the spell again influenced to the rich man as well. The rich man was sticking on the bamboo tree, which was no way to rescue despite on others effort. The rich man begged Khoai to liberate him and in return Khoai would be able to marry with his daughter. Khoai agreed with the negotiation, and then he spelled “Split out, split out”. The rich man and the bamboo itself, split into individually.

Khoai and his wife were happy ever after, and the rich man from that point had never being greedy.

Original on tchvan.wordpress.com
A traditional Vietnamese fairy story.
Translator by: Fortune
Inspired by: Tan Dao